Hunger isn't just a food box today

First COVID-19, and now runaway inflation, have made hunger a crisis for more families than ever before. Tomorrow's answer takes feeding families today, and building supports for food programs that address hunger permanently.

Addressing more than just today's hunger means more than just a food box, but focusing deeply on nutrition, and building pathways to better food access that can outlast any future disaster. Foodbank food alone doesn't meet family nutrition needs. We deliver hunger relief that is nutritionally augmented - made possible only by generous supporters - while we simultaneously build lasting programs to lift families out of hunger forever. 

How we do it

The who matters

Right here in Phoenix, over 3,500 households annually, nearly 15,000 people, with 85% of attendees reporting household incomes less than $23,000/year when they show up. Served and helped by over 900 community members - like you - and more than 50 organization partners a year.

Together we thrive

It is because of you that we can provide food to families struggling with food insecurity.

Without your help, families will experience hunger that impacts every bit of their lives and hurts kids most of all.

The Facts of Food Insecurity

In the United States 1 in 9 people struggle with hunger.

1 in 3 U.S. families with kids don't have enough food

There are 515,130 people who experience food insecurity in Maricopa county.

14 out of 42 food deserts surround our Creighton communities, making it even harder for vulnerable families to access good nutrition.

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Facts about food insecurity

"Food Insecurity in the U.S. Key Statistics and Graphics." Economic Research Service. United States Department of Agriculture.

"Food Insecurity in Arizona." Feeding America,

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Hunger Relief Partnership Supporters

How we show up matters

A community, serving a community - youth leaders started our food work, and continue to lead Feeding Phoenix today, but only through the help of volunteers like you. Come see us - sign up at 

602.888.3770info@creightoncommunities.orgSign Up to Volunteer

What we do

Ending Family Hunger

In Creighton and Surrounding Communities

Feeding Phoenix

Just $5 feeds a kid for a week

Are you looking to make a difference in your community this year? 

Do you want to help feed Phoenix families in need?

Would you like to know your dollars go right to work in bringing help to families

Just $5 can feed a child for a week, right here in your own community.

Don't miss it.  Please, help a kid today.

We're here to stop hunger. Now, and Forever.

The impact

Over 2M lbs of not just food, but serious nutrition, are distributed annually, relieving hunger for more than 3,500 households, and building secure, healthy  futures for today's kids in our own backyard.

Yes, we are a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO ID 20846) and your donation counts as an Arizona Tax Credit, making the first $400 or $800 free subject to a dollar for dollar credit against your Arizona tax obligations, just donate and file Form 321.

We're here to stop hunger. 

Now, and Forever.

It is never too late!